Concepta, Inc Offers Business Intelligence Expertise to Companies in Brand New eBook


Companies will learn how to implement business intelligence into their day-to-day strategies.

ORLANDO, FL (July 12, 2016)- Recently, Concepta, Inc., released its first ever eBook, How to Implement Business Intelligence in Your Company. In the eBook, Concepta, Inc. gives businesses the tools to make important company decisions, without spending millions of dollars. In this guide, readers will find out how to consolidate data, gain better analysis, and generate comprehensive reports using the power of BI. The eBook is a great way to learn how businesses, large and small, are using Business Intelligence to propel their company's strategies. Companies can start implementing today by downloading the eBook.

About Concepta, Inc.

Concepta, Inc. is a full service mobile, web application, and software development company specializing in custom application development. Whether you are an established enterprise looking for a partner you can rely on, or an entrepreneur with an idea that will revolutionize your industry, we can help bring your idea to reality. Concepta, Inc. is located in Orlando, FL and has been serving Central and South Florida since 2006. We are a small business with a team of over 20 people where all of our work is done in-house. Contact Concepta, Inc. at 407.720.4711 or visit the website.

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