[Case Study] How We Came Up With the Perfect Customer Support Solution

Businesses frequently struggle with the task of creating a smoothly functioning customer support system. As organizations grow larger and more complex, a rudimentary customer support solution simply doesn't cut it - mishaps occur, emails go unanswered and customers and employees fall into a state of perpetual confusion trying to sort things out. Without an adequate system for organizing requests, customer-employee relations begin to break down, creating a stressful work environment for your entire team. What's worse, customers can begin to lose faith in your organizational skills, viewing your company as incompetent and unprofessional. Luckily, Kaluah Tours nipped this problem in the bud before it could get to the point of causing such problems. As a large, successful travel agency that arranges trips for customers around the globe, Kaluah handles a wide spectrum of requests from travelers in need of transport, hotel accommodations and more. Needless to say, equipped with a single support email address and a handful of employees trying to keep up, things got complicated fast. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common problem with a fairly simple solution. Concepta worked one-on-one with Kaluah Tours to determine their particular needs and construct a new support system that worked to their advantage.

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Automatically Funneled Requests

Because of the wide variety of requests received, Kaluah needed a reliable and automatic system for funneling and categorizing requests. This was step one. Funneling requests eliminated time and manual effort for employees, freeing them up to do what matters most - assisting customers. With this new system in place, there was no longer a risk for two employees to respond to the same customer request. Specific employees could then be assigned to handle certain kinds of requests, creating a level of specialization among the staff.

Integration with Current Software

One of the biggest concerns of business owners is that taking on a new support system will require an entire uprooting of the current software in use. However, this is usually not the case. You shouldn't have to start from scratch each time your business needs a technology upgrade of some kind. Thankfully, many enterprise solutions are now built to integrate seamlessly with the software you already use. Concepta worked with Kaluah to integrate their new customer support solution with their existing management software. Rather than a fragmented system where employees must open multiple platforms to find what they need, data is shared across platforms that are already well-acquainted with each other.

Universal Information

The quickest way to introduce confusion in any company is to make information difficult to access. When this happens, different team members are getting different pieces of the puzzle, with no one in possession of the full picture. Instead, by integrating a new system, you can ensure all your employees have access to one, all-encompassing portal. Thus everyone can review customer support requests, whether open or closed, from the same digital platform. No mix-ups, no false information and no overlap.

Personalization for Customers

When it comes to building a truly effective customer support solution, personalization goes a long way. Recent consumer studies revealed that customers expect more personalized customer service in today's digital age. But the research also shows a striking problem - most businesses are failing to meet these expectations due to a lack of information and little guidance. When Concepta assisted Kaluah in revamping their customer support solution, they were able to construct a more personalized experience for each person (despite the fact that the system was more automated than it was previously). Want to delve deeper into this case study? Download it for free here.

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