How Does Upgrading to iOS 9 Affect My App?

Since its public release in September, iOS 9 has become a fan favorite. Apps are now more essential than ever and productivity has increased with new multitasking features. If your company already has a running app, consider upgrading to the latest software and take advantage of these new enhancements.

3D Touch

With 3D Touch, users are able to interact with their phones in more ways than before. As the amount of pressure is applied to the display screen, iPhones can now detect what functions to use. This has added a new touch gesture called Peek and Pop, which allows users to preview content without having to fully open it. Your apps can now include that gesture along with pressure-sensitive drawing, quick actions, and more to enhance the multi-touch experience.

In-App Search

Apple has improved its own search algorithm. Content within each app is now scraped for more in-depth results. Your app will now gain more visibility as content that matches the search query will appear and take the user to that specific result.


Increased functionality has definitely arrived with iOS 9. Many users have been asking to toggle between apps and web content for years without having to exit a program. Your users can work on a couple different priorities side by side or within each program all while still keeping your app in full view. For a more in-depth look at these features, upgrade to the new mobile OS or contact the Concepta development team. If you want to learn about how upgrading to Android Marshmallow affects your app, we have a post for that too.

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