How a Zoom Integration Increases Your Productivity

You might think that your current software system has everything you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. However, what if there was a tool you could easily integrate with your current setup to streamline tasks even more effectively?
Zoom is a cloud-based conferencing platform that integrates with hundreds of other well-known platforms like Dropbox, Outlook and Google Calendar. Suitable for both small businesses and complex corporations, Zoom is customizable to address your current needs, adapting in the future as you grow. The real question is this: How can enterprises benefit from the addition of a Zoom integration? Well, its simple and intuitive interface offers several options that make life easier -- especially for on-the-go professionals.


Zoom-facilitated meetings can include up to 25 video streams and 200 viewers, along with 10 or more hosts. This means that you no longer need to pass information down from one person to the next. Instead, your entire team is in the loop, receiving critical information at the same time. Depending on your plan level, you can access assistance in various areas. Zoom's business plan supports branding and custom emails while the pro plan includes cloud recording.


Webinars are one of the most effective ways to share information and present new ideas to an audience. They provide live and visual instruction, making them ideal for trainings and demonstrations. Zoom offers several webinar-pricing options based on your desired audience size, with presentations visible to up to 10,000 people. Webinars feature a question-and-answer dialog box, mute and record options. Then after-webinar reports sum up the most salient points of your presentation.

Screen Share

Screen share is a convenient feature in Zoom that lets users simply click a button and select which screens they'd like to share with others. Screen shares can include sound if necessary, and the users can turn them off at any time. Ideal for sharing photos, graphs or other visual data, screen shares make information instantly shareable with your team.

Group Messaging

This Zoom feature is like a streamlined version of group texting for professionals. As with screen shares, you can send text and image data to specific groups in seconds. Set your mode to "busy" or "available" to let others know whether you're at your computer or connected via mobile device. You can construct different groups for different project communications and switch right into a group meeting at a scheduled time. Just because all your key players can't meet in person, that doesn't mean productivity has to come to a halt.

Ideal for Travelers

If you frequently travel for work, Zoom is like a digital personal assistant that keeps you connected to your most important contacts. The platform allows you to keep in touch with remote workers, partners and clients by arranging seamless communication via video conferencing. In addition, you can record audio with the click of a button to share, play back later or even use in a podcast. Travelers don't have to worry about manually managing and storing data. All the information is simply there to utilize in whatever way you choose. Accessible from any device at any time, Zoom accommodates traveling professionals regardless of their day-to-day circumstances. With four different meeting plans ranging from free to $17.99 per month, Zoom integration smooths over technical issues and saves you time when long-distance communication is necessary. Communicate the smarter way with Zoom's platform for hosting meetings and video conferences, sharing audio and screen shots or getting together for a quick group chat. Zoom's solutions will transform your future business communications.
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