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Mobile App Development

We Know That

Great Mobile Applications Disrupt Industries.

Mobile apps have changed the face of some of the biggest industries of our time. We at Concepta understand that execution is the difference between success and failure.

We have a proven track record of success along with the technical expertise needed to help you innovate with efficiency. After all, building mobile solutions is what we do. Every app we build starts with a plan and our time-tested, agile process helps ensure your innovative concept becomes a reality without the headaches.

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We are Orlando's Mobile App Development Experts. A solution and product-focused team who believes in partnership and transparency. This focus helps us cut distractions and fluff, so your application is right the first time. Your idea deserves complete attention and stunning execution. Anything less is a disservice.

Our approach to application building is collaboration.

We don’t just collaborate amongst ourselves though. Instead, we collaborate with you so that your application works how you envisioned it.

Our Approach

Proven Signature Agile Process

This process helps us develop applications in months, unlike old methods which took years. With Concepta, you'll be connected every step of the way to ensure your application becomes a reality exactly the way you envisioned it.

Begin with the end in mind. We understand the value of a well thought out plan and will work with you to align expectations and project goals.
Applications that transform businesses start with functional prototypes. This helps to quickly get stakeholders aligned while creating a clear path for our development team.
Our agile approach brings the technical puzzle that is your app to life. Our proven process keeps you involved along the way while allowing for flexibility as your needs change.
Test + Deploy
All of our testing is done in-house, right here in the US. We test every aspect of the final application to minimize surprises. Now let's talk about a roll-out plan!
Speed Without Shortcuts

Built on a Solid Foundation.

Our team focuses on working smarter, not harder. To that end, we take advantage of existing tools and foundations. Additionally, when we couldn’t find the tools we needed, we built our own.

Focus on what makes your App unique.

It means we can launch a more stable product. It also means that your vision doesn’t have extra billing hours just to build the scaffold. By using these tools, we save you both time and money that you can invest back into your idea.

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We don’t need to reinvent fire to build you an outstanding product. Instead, we use tools to handle the repetitive mobile application coding common among many other apps. This extra time helps us focus on what makes your idea exceptional.

This focus makes us unique. We build to your vision, and we build it to be scalable. We will never make false promises, take shortcuts, or waste your resources. Your vision deserves better than that. Instead, we want to be the reason your future clients trust you.

Mobile App Development

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Your idea can change the world.

Let us help you do it right.