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December 3, 2020
Helping Service Finance Take Customer Service on The Road

Without companies like Service Finance Company, major home improvements and repairs could be out of reach for many homeowners.

The FHA-approved Title 1 Lender provides financing for over 500 different products and services.

Their affiliated contractors are often in the field helping clients find the best way to get their project started.

Field Problems

During the loan process contractors generally have to visit their clients’ homes to gather information.

The contractor has to assess the project’s scope, estimate the cost, get the customer on board, then gain Service Finance’s approval.

That means either a trip back to the office or a lengthy phone conversation. It’s a highly inefficient process.

More importantly, when clients fall out at every stage of the sales process these extra steps create a barrier to sales.

Human error also results in a high number of mistakes.

Agents rush to get the information entered at the office and transpose digits, or an overwhelmed client misses typos in their paperwork. Small mistakes can cause an application to be erroneously denied.

Taking Approvals on The Road

Concepta partnered with Service Finance to build a field app that puts more power in the hands of their contractors.

Contractors can populate the application form by scanning a driver’s license or State ID.

Once sent, they can gain approval from the app in as little as 5 minutes. There’s even a way for clients to set up autopay through the app.

The backend offers Service Finance a healthy suite of business intelligence features.

They can track thousands of their affiliated contractors and authorized dealers and segment them by performance metrics: high performers, best or worst regions, and types of work done in certain areas.

When they need more direct contact, Service Finance can send push notifications to their partners with business reminders, storm alerts, and promotional interest rates.

Measurable Gains

Now, Service Finance has access to their full company data and metrics through an easy-to-read dashboard.

Their affiliated contractors are more productive with fewer mid-day trips to the office. 27% of new applications come through the field app (as opposed to online or traditional phone applications).

Most tellingly, mobile applications close the loan 90% of the time as opposed to 57% with other methods.

Numbers like this prove that having the right tool in the right place cuts out the human error and inefficiency that was derailing sales under the old system.

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