5 Best Platforms to Build a Chatbot

Do you have time for a chat? Chatbots always do. That's why customer-centric businesses need chatbots. That's also why Microsoft is betting its future on “conversation as a service.” Meanwhile, Facebook has said that chatbots are the key to monetizing Messenger, announcing, “We’re going to build AI to help automate responses (for businesses)." There's no reason why Facebook can't share some of that chatbot revenue with you. It would be a smart move to put your money on the future of chatbots, but you don't have pay a lot of money to build one. Here are five of the best chatbot platforms that let you get started without a big investment. A few require development experience, while others are built for non-techies. Get out ahead of the curve and immortalize yourself (or any other personality) inside a practical, profitable AI. 1. ChatScript This is the platform that produced Chatbot Rose, the winner of the 2015 Loebner Prize. This prize is awarded to the AI program best able to pass a simplified Turing Test and convince judges that there is a human intelligence behind the scenes. One of the judges said that Chatbot Rose kept them guessing for three months. They also have a support forum at chatbots.org as well as a debugger and foreign language dictionaries. 2. Personality Forge If you need to do a bit of benchmarking before you launch your chatbot project, start here. Interact with a host of chatbots recently built on the platform by other users. You can also search through more than 17,000 examples broken down into categories such as Award Winners and Advanced. This is really entry-level bot building, so it makes a great experimentation space. Don't be put off by the user interface. 3. Pandorabots This is where you should go if you want to bring in developers with serious practical experience. The developers on this platform have built more than 285,000 chatbots so far. With a massive library of APIs, they can integrate your new chatbot into all kinds of online systems. The platform is best known for Alicebot, another Loebner Prize winner. Alicebot was also the inspiration for the emotional operating system named Samantha in the film “Her." 4. Api.ai If your goal is for users to speak to the bot using natural language, this platform is the leader in the field. It's the one behind Speaktoit, the Android phone version of Siri. Developers can access ready-built modules with semantic learning. You will also find support for 13 languages when you are ready to expand. 5. Rebot.me This is your platform when time to market and simplicity are your top concerns. Anyone can put together a serviceable chatbot in minutes and have it embedded on a website immediately. On top of the functional framework, just add questions, answers and what it should say when it gets confused. You can make it as intelligent as you want it to be by continuing to improve it after it goes live. Want more options? Take the time to research BotLibre!, Chatbot4U, Howdy botkit, Second Ego and Zabaware. Remember, your goal is not to beat Siri or Cortana. Start with a chatbot that can make relevant suggestions or direct customers to more information. Expand your chatbot's capabilities based on customer expectations. Soon, real-time translation will catch up with AI development, and your next chatbot could go global. For more information contact us today, or visit our website.

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