Financial Services Solutions

Finance Redefined - Powering
Innovation in Financial Services

Our Financial Services Solutions are designed to help financial organizations navigate the digital landscape, ensuring they are agile, secure, and ahead of emerging trends.


Facing challenges from fintech innovation and regulatory 
complexities, financial leaders recognize the need to adapt
swiftly to stay competitive:

Of Financial leaders fear losing business to fintechs.


Cite regulatory uncertainty and legacy systems as barriers to innovation.


Of financial institutions are now using or considering cloud services.

Our experts empower you to thrive, providing cutting-edge tools that encompass digital payments, blockchain, RegTech, and more. Enhance 
your operations, streamline compliance, and embrace the future of finance with our solutions.


What our Customers are Saying?
Megan Rojas Disney Events

"Innovative Web App Modernization"

Exceptional quality of service in redesigning our app. The new app, praised for its visual appeal and user-friendly layout, effectively showcases event multimedia, enhancing guest experience.

The collaborative approach, responsive project management, and commitment to excellence transformed a website into a dynamic platform, brilliantly highlighting Disney's event capabilities and media offerings.

Megan Rojas, Project Manager

“Expertise, Capability, People, Processes, Technology”

Concepta has displayed substantial expertise, capabilities, people, processes, and technology needed to support our efforts in developing a customized MRP program.

Vladislav Rozhkovskiy, Sr. Manager Strategy & Corporate Development
Purple Rock Scissors Testimonial

"Agile Excellence in App Development"

Their team is not just skilled; they’re also incredibly adaptable, ready to pivot at a moment’s notice whenever the project needed it. It was clear they brought a wealth of experience to the table, and it made all the difference.

The app we built together has been getting fantastic reviews, and it’s a win we share with the Concepta crew. We hit the jackpot partnering with them, and I’m hoping we get to do it again soon.

Rich Wahl, President & COO Purple Rock Scissors (PRPL)


Forge a Resilient Financial Ecosystem:
Services for Sustainable Growth

Our services provide the infrastructure and frameworks necessary to modernize and optimize financial operations.

Blockchain and Crypto Solutions

Create secure applications for transparent financial transactions and asset management.

RegTech and Compliance

Offer cutting-edge compliance management technologies that ensure adherence to global regulations.

Open Banking and API Integration

Facilitate service development and data sharing through standardized APIs, enhancing financial inclusivity.

Data Analytics and AI for Finance

Deploy tools to analyze large data sets for enhanced decision-making and personalized services.

Financial Market Technologies

Develop advanced platforms for market analysis, trading, and algorithmic decision-making support.


Customized Financial Solutions: Enhancing
Operations and Client Experiences

Our tailored solutions are specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Enhance client relationship management and sales productivity through centralized data and interaction analysis.

Lending Platform

Automate and secure end-to-end lending processes, from origination through underwriting to compliance.

Regulatory Compliance Tracking System

Automate tracking and reporting of compliance with financial regulations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Payment Processing System

Offer robust, secure payment processing capabilities to streamline financial transactions.

Custom Payment Portals

Develop bespoke payment gateways that enhance user experience and transaction efficiency.

Client Portals

Enable secure and personalized client access to financial services, improving engagement and self-service capabilities.


Create secure, scalable platforms that connect buyers and sellers in financial markets.

Dynamic Pricing Engines

Implement AI to dynamically adjust pricing strategies in real-time based on market data.

Loan Servicing Software

Manage loan processes with enhanced efficiency using automated scheduling and communication tools.

Digital Wallets

Provide secure, easy-to-use digital wallets for managing payments and personal finance more effectively.