5 Signs You Need Business Management Software

You are busy handling customers, tracking inventory and producing new products. How in the world are you going to find time to switch your operations to Business Management Software (BMS)? It seems overwhelming, so you put it off. That could be a huge mistake. A quality Customer Relation Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or other BMS system can help you solve a number of structural problems. Here are five big reasons you need business management software to help run your operation.

Inventory Management Problems

Do you have enough inventory or maybe too much? Getting inventory management right typically leads to reduced expenses, increased cash flow and smoother production. This is difficult to achieve at best, especially without the use of a good BMS system. With a BMS in place, you can see inventory at a glance, check historical sales data, set up flags to indicate when reordering is necessary, and estimate shipping arrival times by season and month.

Departmental Silos

How are changes in marketing affecting your sales? How can sales better communicate with production? Is your IT department on schedule with new software changes? Without a BMS system in place, departments get siloed easily and retreat into the comfort of their own domain. As the business owner or manager, you can't afford to let that happen. BMS gives you instant insight into the status of each department, allowing you to quickly identify bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Multiple Software Tools

Over time, it's natural for your department managers to acquire tools they feel are best suited to help run their particular area, creating a mish mosh of software tools throughout your company. It wastes time and effort to duplicate information from one program to another, and it makes it difficult to get a look at the big picture. Another problem with this is that people begin using software for purposes other than what it is intended for. The key is to integrate your back- and front-end operations so there is a single "source of truth" that can guide your decision making.

Lack of Innovation

"That's how we've always done it." How often have you heard that phrase in your business career? To a certain extent, it makes sense because the old way worked for a long time. However, business is moving much faster than ever before. Adhering to outdated methods limits growth and threatens the long-term viability of your company. An effective BMS allows you to use the latest innovations in inventory control, reporting, sales forecasting and other operational procedures. There is a learning curve during transition, but the benefits far outweigh living with outmoded processes.

Lack of Remote Access

You live in an increasingly mobile world. One study reported that leading companies are 49 percent more likely to provide real-time information on mobile devices for employees. For example, can your salespeople pull all the marketing information they need to create a presentation while they're on the road? Can you see all your company data on your smartphone when you're on a business trip? Business management software provides you instant access no matter where you are in the world.

Here's more...

These are just some of the glaring reasons you need BMS in your organization. Others include:
  • Confusing reports and spreadsheets
  • The fact that data only reports historical information but cannot predict upcoming trends
  • Collaboration between divisions or departments on special projects is generally awkward and time-consuming
  • Important resources are trapped in endless email threads in employee inboxes
Take the time to assess your business management software needs, and implement a professional system. You’ll save time and money and increase billing and profits in the process. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website.

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