Business Leaders Need to Think about AI

The impact of A.I. is causing disruption in just about every industry. Some experts say by 2030 A.I. will be used by every company across their entire organization. Gartner projects that by 2021, A.I. will create .9 trillion in business value and generate 6.2 billion hours in worker productivity.

Since A.I. will be critical to business success for many years to come, organizations should start thinking now about how to inject A.I. into their corporate DNA. Mobile apps are likely to be the biggest recipients of A.I.'s impact and advantages. Let us have a look at three principal ways A.I. can impact mobile app development.


Whether you’re interested in building a chatbot, machine learning categorization algorithm, or image recognition systems, A.I. capabilities like image detection and entity extraction can enhance a mobile app. 

User Activity and Engagement

Without consistent user engagement, an app doesn't stand a chance.  A.I. powered tools learn from the human logic of the users about using a mobile app or abstaining from it. AI-based apps can boost user engagement because of the tremendous power of information they have. They gather a lot of information about the user. By analyzing the various interactions and the rationales behind them, the A.I. tool can understand distinct impetus and reasons behind every user activity. Apart from this, an AI-powered algorithm is also capable of gathering user information like the location, contacts or buying behavior of the user. This information further offers a whole array of insights to serve the customers better.

Solving Problems

Every app concept comes basically as a solution to one or several real-life customer problems through logical understanding and thinking. A.I. comes as the most competent technology to deliver responsive and proactive solutions to problems. When the app is equipped to understand the problem and ways to solve the issue by logically following, human involvement becomes unnecessary. For instance, by processing the traffic data and information from millions of data from the on-road cab drivers Uber App can come up with a better suggestion of taking routes to reach destinations faster. Automated reasoning is what makes an app smarter.
The impact of A.I. is era-defining. In 2021 and beyond we can expect more clients to be eager to discuss all the ways A.I. can improve their current or future app. 
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