Concepta and FanHero Break Livestream Record with Top YouTuber’s New App

Concepta, a local technology group, proved it’s not only YouTube, Facebook, and Google that are capable of scaling livestream technology to meet demand for influencers. Last month, top 50 YouTuber, Felipe Neto, made waves when he launched his own app and broke away from YouTube. Then, for the app’s launch party, Neto and FanHero are confirming record-breaking livestream viewer numbers on the app, making it the most attended livestream event in history for app-only livestreaming that was not for a sporting event. The event saw approx. 250,000 total viewers, with 150,000 concurrent viewers supported.

This livestream record is impressive for two reasons: it shows the engagement potential of standalone in-app livestreaming and it shows the power of influencer-owned apps v. dependence on a third-party platform. Scalability is always the challenge in technology. Until now, influencers have only trusted the main players (YouTube, Facebook, Google) to support the demand they bring.

About Concepta

Concepta is a technology group that provides mobile app products and software application services for enterprises and brands. Whether you are an established enterprise looking for a partner you can rely on or a famous brand with an idea that will revolutionize your image, we can help bring your idea to reality.

Concepta is headquartered in Orlando, FL and has been serving clients worldwide since 2006. We are an innovative group with a team of over 70 people where all of our work is done in-house.

Contact Concepta at 407.720.4711 or visit the website for more information.

About FanHero

FanHero is a global mobile platform that is set to eradicate social media limitations by providing celebrities and organizations the ability to fully monetize and connect with their followers, while retaining complete control over content and user data.

Notables on the FanHero platform include 100+ Fortune 100 companies, A-list recording & sports stars including: Warner Music Group, NBA star Leandro Barbosa, Brazil’s #1 professional soccer team Corinthians, Florida Cup, MLS Orlando City Soccer, and countless other global stars.

Contact FanHero at 1.888.41.FANHERO or visit the website information.

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