Education May Get a Reboot – Foreign Language Requirement Goes Digital

Classrooms are increasingly becoming more digital. This Florida computer coding bill will add computer language as an option for high school students looking to graduate. ORLANDO, FL (Feb 16, 2017) – Florida high school students are required to take two years of foreign language classes. With SB 104, this will allow computer coding to be a language option alongside that of French, Spanish, and Latin. For the 2016-2017 school year, Orange County schools planned to distribute more than 70,000 computers to their students. $47.7 million was budgeted for this operation which includes system upgrades and internet connectivity. These numbers show a big emphasis on the need for technology and how students use it. Leo Farias, CTO & Co-founder at Concepta tells the Orlando Business Journal, “It is encouraging to see our representatives give the necessary importance to technology and computer sciences. It is an influential field that can no longer be overlooked." He states, "We are starting to see the need for computer language surpassing importance of some spoken languages and I believe this will help build more qualified individuals with better critical thinking skills. As these students head into their professional lives, this introductory lesson will transfer over and deliver real-world benefits. With better professionals, agencies like Concepta will be better equipped to serve local market demands.” In 2014, Education Week reported that only 46,000 students took the test for Advanced Placement in computer science. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020, there will be one million less qualified graduating students to fill any computer science jobs. Even if students are not interested in computer science, a computer coding language class will grow them into becoming better problem solvers, analytical thinkers, and inquisitive learners. Compared to the rest of the world, U.S. schools are behind on technology and it’s clear that youths are gravitating towards more advanced and innovative learning capacities. If they don’t keep up, students will start losing interest in their schools. About Concepta, Inc. Concepta, Inc. is a full service mobile, web application, and software development company specializing in custom application development. Whether you are an established enterprise looking for a partner you can rely on, or an entrepreneur with an idea that will revolutionize your industry, we can help bring your idea to reality. Concepta, Inc. is located in Orlando, FL and has been serving Central and South Florida since 2006. We are a small business with a team of over 30 people where all of our work is done in-house. Contact Concepta, Inc. at 407.720.4711 or visit the website. Press Contact Name: Thao Tran Mobile: 407.740.4711 Email:

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