May 24, 2023
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FVM - The Ultimate Tool for Managing Flutter SDK Versions

Concepta Technologies' Open Source Tool, FVM, Now Implemented by Codemagic in Their Popular Flutter CI/CD Service,
A code representing Concepta's open source tool FVM.
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FVM (Flutter Version Management) is a simple CLI tool that allows developers to manage different versions of Flutter SDK on their local machine with ease. This tool has been developed by Concepta Technologies, and it is now being used by Codemagic in their infrastructure as code. In a recent announcement, Codemagic shared on Twitter that they have implemented FVM, which is a testament to the tool's effectiveness and reliability in managing Flutter SDK versions.

codemagic twitter post sharing about Flutter Version Management Package from Concepta

One of the great features of FVM is that it can be used in many CI/CD workflows. Codemagic has even implemented it in their Workflow editor to make it easier for developers to manage their Flutter SDK versions using FVM. Learn how to start using it here.

If you're a developer who works with Flutter, FVM can be a game-changer for your workflow. Here are some ideas on how you can use FVM:

  1. Test your app with different versions of Flutter SDK: FVM makes it easy to switch between different versions of Flutter SDK, which can be helpful when testing your app's compatibility with different SDK versions.
  2. Collaborate with team members: If you are working on a project with other developers, FVM can help ensure that everyone is using the same version of Flutter SDK. This can save time and prevent compatibility issues.
  3. Keep your workflow organized: FVM can help you keep your development environment organized by allowing you to quickly switch between different SDK versions without downloading and setting up every time you need a different version.

In conclusion, FVM is a powerful tool for developers who work with Flutter, and the fact that it is being used by Codemagic in their popular CI/CD service is a testament to its effectiveness. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, FVM can help streamline your workflow and make managing different versions of Flutter SDK easier than ever before. Try it and see how it can help you take your development game to the next level!

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