AI-Driven Service Uplift for Major US Healthcare Insurer

See how a large U.S. healthcare insurer revolutionized service delivery for 46 million customers across 45 states with strategic AI integration, boosting productivity and sales while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Large Health Insurance Company
Health Insurance
Gen AI
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Elevate service quality for millions nationwide.
Robust AI integration across operations.
Increased productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Key Results

  • Increased developer velocity by 25% with an in-house code assistant.
  • Employee productivity rose by 30% in 3 months, reaching 40% in 6 months.
  • Reduced resolution time for customer complaints by 40%, improving NPS from 7 to 9.
  • 15% increase in sales volume, adding $12M to annual revenue.
  • Project Overview

    A major U.S. healthcare insurer sought to enhance service quality across its network. The challenge was to integrate advanced AI solutions effectively to benefit both customers and employees within its extensive operations.

    Our Approach

    We implemented a cutting-edge AI platform, established an AI Center of Practice, transformed healthcare management with AI, conducted AI maturity evaluations, and optimized GPU management. This multi-faceted approach was tailored to address specific operational challenges and capitalize on the insurer's technological capabilities.

    Closing Remarks

    Our partnership with this healthcare insurer exemplifies how AI can transform service delivery in complex environments. The significant improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction, and financial gains highlight the transformative potential of AI in the healthcare insurance industry.

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