Energy AI Forecasting Upgrade

Optimizing energy's operations, our AI solutions transformed energy forecasting and efficiency, empowering strategic expansion and market alignment.

Most important Renewable Energy Company in Europe
Gen AI
Microsoft Azure, Databricks, GitHub
Unpredictable renewable energy outputs.
Deployed 200+ ML models for forecasting.
$22M added revenue and cost savings.

Key Results

  • $22M in revenue and cost savings in one year
  • 80% operational improvements through predictive analytics
  • Expanded market share by 7% with strategic site selection
  • Project Overview

    The leader in the European energy sector, faced challenges with the unpredictability of renewable energy which impacted their operational efficiency and revenue. To address these issues, we deployed over 200 machine learning models across their operations, enhancing the precision of energy forecasting and integrating real-time data solutions.

    Our Approach

    Utilizing Microsoft Azure, Databricks, and GitHub Actions, we developed and implemented a robust suite of machine learning models that forecasted energy demands and monitored system performance for proactive maintenance. This approach significantly reduced downtime and optimized energy distribution to meet market demands.

    Closing Remarks

    The partnership between Energy industry and Concepta resulted in substantial financial gains, operational efficiencies, and an expanded market presence. Our tailored AI solutions provided the company with the tools to navigate the complexities of renewable energy, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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