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GrapeStars partnered with us to develop a complex mobile marketplace in a highly regulated industry. Without a lot of technical expertise on their staff, they needed more than developers. They needed a team of experts to manage the project and minimize their frustrations.

Mobile App Development
Vue, React Native, PHP
Developing a complex e-commerce platform.
Sophisticated marketplace with legal compliance.
Unlocked multimillion-dollar celebrity product market.

Key Results

Within 9 months Concepta developed an e-commerce platform and mobile app in compliance with US and state liquor laws and integrated third parties' platforms for payment, delivery, process and distribution.

  • Successfully launched a compliant e-commerce platform for celebrity-endorsed products
  • Integrated multiple third-party platforms for seamless payment, delivery, and processing
  • Facilitated access to over 200 major celebrity wines and spirits
  • Achieved fast and reliable development, delivering the app in just 8 months

Project Overview

Grapestars  co-founder  needed  a  partner  that  could  deliver  fast  and  reliable  results.  The fundamental challenge was building multiple stores within one main store, that is, developing a clear dynamic back end for a complex operation. As for the front end, the user experience was taken to the next level, as this is a design centric app. Grapestars co-founder needed a partner that could deliver fast and reliable results.

GrapeStars started with as a great idea and rough development attempts to a successful venture. Unfortunately, the company had already dealt with unfortunate development experiences. Their goals and ambitions were clear, however, they had not yet found a partner with the right capabilities to build their high-end platform.

Luckily, they found us through a referral from trusted advisors, and within 8 months Concepta developed an e-commerce marketplace platform and mobile app in compliance with US and state liquor laws and integrated third parties' platforms for payment, delivery, process and distribution.

Before this platform was released, celebrities had serious legal barriers to market and sell their wine and spirits brands directly to customers.

Thanks to GrapeStars celebrities don’t need to acquire liquor licenses or hire a distributor. Artists can simply use their social media channels to connect users to their endorsed brands.

Consumers can easily access products through a single click and have the beverage of their choice delivered to their homes.

At the moment, there are more than 200 major celebrities' wines and spirits being sold on the platform.  GrapeStars’  launch campaign included big names like   George   Strait, Matthew Mcconaughey, Lenny Kravitz and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“The result, as you can see, is pretty spectacular.

Stephan Fortier
Co-founder of GrapeStars

Our Approach

We embarked on a mission to create a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, one that not only aligned with the client's vision but also engaged both sellers and consumers effectively. Our challenge was to navigate the complex landscape of State and Federal liquor laws, ensuring full compliance while delivering a seamless experience. We meticulously developed the platform, integrating with several third-party applications like Signifyd for security, Stripe for payment processing, ShipEngine for shipment services, and Google Analytics for data insights. This integration facilitated effortless payment, processing, and delivery experiences. The project's success hinged on our attention to detail and commitment to quality, reflected in the eight months spent perfecting the initial launch. Our tech stack, enabled us to build a robust, user-friendly platform. Unique features like charity integration, options to donate, and gift card services set Grapestars apart, offering functionalities not found on other platforms.

Closing Remarks

Our work with Grapestars exemplifies how personalized solutions and strategic time management can successfully navigate complex challenges. Overcoming legal intricacies and distribution hurdles, we delivered a sophisticated e-commerce platform within an ambitious 8-month timeline. This platform, fully compliant with state and federal regulations, offers users a unique experience to discover and purchase wine and spirits, while engaging with their favorite celebrities. Our approach of building with, rather than for, our clients ensures that every step aligns with their vision and business needs. The significant planning that went into this project underscores our commitment to minimizing risks and maximizing scalability for our clients' investments.

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“We’ve dealt with competent development firms but sometimes you are just stuck and they just didn't know the answer or didn’t have the resources. And I think that’s what we saw with Concepta, you have the technical expertise in house first of all, you’ve got people that really know what they’re doing, and if they don’t, they know where to look to find the answers.”

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