iKitchen for Red Lobster: Simplifying Inventory Management for 400+ Restaurants

Concepta transformed Red Lobster's outdated inventory system into iKitchen, an intuitive iPad app that streamlined inventory tracking, reduced manual labor, and saved managers hours of work weekly.

Red Lobster
Hospitality - Franchising
Web App & API Development
NodeJs, React Native, Xamarin
Manual inventory tracking inefficiencies.
iKitchen app for automated management.
400+ restaurants achieve efficient inventory control.

Key Results

Concepta transformed Red Lobster's outdated inventory system into iKitchen, an intuitive iPad app. The app helped:

  • Streamlined inventory tracking and ordering.
  • Enhanced data accuracy and corporate visibility.
  • Improved demand prediction capabilities.
  • Flexibility to add varied product measurements.

Project Overview

Red Lobster faced inefficiencies with an outdated PC inventory system, requiring manual updates by managers, hindering accuracy and efficiency. Concepta created iKitchen, an iPad app, to automate the inventory process. The app integrates with their existing database and offers flexible product measurements. With over 400 restaurant managers adapting to iKitchen's intuitive design and offline capabilities, it's a game-changer.

Our Approach

We built iKitchen with a user-friendly interface. The app streamlines inventory tracking, predicts demand, and simplifies order placement. The integration with Red Lobster's internal inventory database ensures data accuracy and real-time updates.

Closing Remarks

iKitchen not only saves time but also enhances data accuracy and decision-making for Red Lobster. Concepta's tech-driven solution empowers managers and ensures seamless inventory management in the competitive restaurant industry.



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