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To speed up business operations and hold on to their dominant market share, prepaid wireless provider TracFone enlisted our help in updating their inefficient workflow and reducing its reliance on spreadsheets.

Mobile App Development
Custom Demanding Planning Application
Overhauling outdated inventory management.
AI-supported, integrated inventory app.
Streamlined operations, enhanced accuracy, cost-effective innovation.

Key Results

To speed up business operations and hold on to their dominant market share, prepaid wireless provider TracFone enlisted our help in updating their inefficient workflow and reducing their reliance on spreadsheets.

        Results at a Glance:

  • Integrated Dozens of Spreadsheets into 1 Dashboard
  • Worked ~60% Faster w/ Reduction in Human Error
  • Accurate, AI-Supported Inventory Forecasting
  • Simplified, Streamlined Data Management

Project Overview

As the leading prepaid, no-contract wireless service provider in the United States, TracFone had a problem. With 400 retail locations and over 21 million subscribers across the country, this subsidiary of Verizon Communications specializes in putting phones in people’s hands as efficiently as possible – to continue growing their market share, they needed to bring some of that efficiency to their business operations.  

Before our collaboration, TracFone was operating with dozens of spreadsheets spread across multiple facilities. In addition to being disorganized and complex, each spreadsheet was primarily controlled and edited by a single employee. This exposed the company to increased levels of unnecessary risk.  

The company needed a more efficient, seamless way to share information between facilities and was interested in developing a custom Manage Demand Planning Application to facilitate this. They wanted this MDP inventory management system to incorporate advanced business intelligence features, including AI-based forecasting capabilities for tighter inventory control and enhanced decision making.

They reached out to several large tech companies and were quoted over 1 million dollars. Thanks to our small team, low overhead, and agile development process, Concepta was able to offer the same high level of app functionality and customization for a much more reasonable investment.  

Impressed with our portfolio of past work, TracFone decided to move forward with our bid.

Our Approach

AI-driven business intelligence and accurate inventory forecasting in one intuitive, user-friendly Manage Demand Planning Dashboard. Following a series of in-depth consultations with the TracFone team, we created a comprehensive, transparent roadmap for the development of a custom Demand Planning Application.  Working in quick, agile development sprints, we continually kept TracFone informed of our process and in the loop without overburdening them with unnecessary concerns. It was not long before, we had a fully functional application that met all of their expectations while remaining on schedule and within budget.

Included Features: integrated, intuitive dashboard, user-friendly interface, seamless data exchange, accurate AI supported forecasting insights, enhanced business intelligence features, CTO data normalization, ETL capabilities for sharing data via excel.

Closing Remarks

The development of TracFone's comprehensive application marks a significant step forward in operational efficiency and decision-making. By moving away from spreadsheet dependency, we reduced human error and improved data control, fostering a more reliable and efficient work environment. The app's seamless collaboration features facilitated a unified and accessible data exchange across various facilities. The integration of AI-supported insights has empowered TracFone with precise inventory forecasting and faster product delivery to customers. This project exemplifies how innovation, guided by expert knowledge and agile methodology, can be both cost-effective and transformative.

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Client Feedback

"Concepta has displayed substantial expertise, capabilities, people, processes, and technology needed to support our efforts in developing a customized MRP program."

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