Kaluah Tours Dynamic Customer Service Solution

Kaluah Tours is an agency that has been creating and managing international vacations for clients across Latin America for almost twenty years.Tourism has been good to Kaluah Tours - and vice versa. They have a reputation for outstanding customer service, with satisfied travelers coming back time and again.

Kaluah Tours
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Customer Service System
Overloaded, inefficient customer service system.
Tailored customer service automation.
Enhanced efficiency, superior service quality.

Results at a Glance

Our collaboration with Kaluah Tours focused on seamlessly integrating a tailored solution into their existing infrastructure. This approach not only preserved the effectiveness of their current systems but also introduced significant enhancements. Check the key results below:

  • Significantly faster and more personalized customer service responses
  • Efficient management of customer inquiries with a form-based system
  • Creation of a ticketing system for consistent tracking and resolution
  • Seamless integration with existing management software
  • Reduction in duplicated efforts and overhead costs
  • Maintenance of effective components of the current infrastructure
  • Overall leaner, more effective operational processes at Kaluah Tours

Project Background

Tourism has been good to Kaluah Tours - and vice versa. They have a reputation for outstanding customer service, with satisfied travelers coming back time and again. For a while, though, living up to their own high standards was putting a strain on the company. Multiple tours going different places, all with their own complications, gave rise to a flood of customer service issues. Nearly every problem called for rapid responses to avoid ruining someone’s vacation.

Kaluah’s outdated support system stood in the way of responsive action. Every customer inquiry and technical support request went to the same central email address. The inbox was managed by a handful of different employees. Worse, there was no consistent tracking system in place. An email might be answered by three different people or fall through the cracks entirely.

The rest of their digital infrastructure was in good shape, though. Kaluah didn’t want to scrap a system that was 90% effective to fix the 10% that was causing trouble. This is becoming a common problem for companies - trying to find solutions that fit into their existing infrastructure.


Concepta sat down with Kaluah’s team to explore a better way of handling customer communication. They looked at other internal processes, then put together a tool that could seamlessly connect to those systems.

The solution built revolves around a custom form-based system that gathers information about each request. Customers can specify the exact nature and urgency of their issue. That information is used to direct requests to the appropriate office. At the same time a ticket is created that tracks the request. Every request is assigned to a specific department, and with tracked tickets everyone can see what progress has been made.

Key Takeaways

Because Concepta prioritized compatibility from the start, the new system fits smoothly into the existing management software. Leaders can take a bird’s eye view of open tickets or tweak their dashboard settings to provide a closer view of support in real time.

Using this system, Kaluah can provide faster, more personalized customer service to their clients. At the same time they’ve reduced their overhead by cutting out duplicated efforts and reorganizing the support process. Better yet, they were able to keep the parts of their infrastructure which did work.

The result? Kahlua now has leaner, more effective operations with a lower investment.

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