Revolutionizing Business Operations

A responsive web application that dramatically reduced human error, automated routine tasks, and supported scalable growth.

Paul Johnson - Vatos Drywall
Business Services
Web App & API Development
React, Node.js, PostGressSQL
Streamline contractor workflow.
Responsive WebApp with automation.
Reduced error, increased efficiency.

Key Results

A National drywall contractor needed to streamline their workflow, reduce human error, and improve end-to-end project management for their clients. Key results:

  • 40% reduction in administrative paperwork time
  • 2x increase in business report production speed
  • Automated job creation saves ~40 hours/week

Project Overview

Revolutionizing Business Operations: How API Development Led to Dramatic Efficiency Gains and Error Elimination.

Established in 2006, Vatos Drywall is one of the biggest contractors in US that provides cost-effective, efficient drywalling services to builders and homeowners across Florida. The company arranges labor, materials, scheduling, and other important tasks for each project. Thanks to a great portfolio and reputation, Vatos has been steadily growing. Unfortunately, human error and a spreadsheet-reliant workflow management process were costing the company time and money.

For continued growth and scalability, they required a responsive WebApp that managed all aspects of the job while providing a high-level overview portal for Admin & Management and a tablet view application for supervisors to use on-site.

Concepta was up to the challenge.

Our Approach

When exploring the feasibility of this potential partnership, we wanted to start by visiting a job site in person to see how the technology was going to work practically. According to Vatos’s Business Systems Manager Daniel Delgado, Concepta was the only company that took the initiative to do this.

“One of the very first things that Concepta Team mentioned was a site visit. They wanted to see Vatos’s business in action so that they could tailor their proposal to our needs.”

After our bid was selected, we got to work designing and implementing a new solution in two phases. The first phase covered the initial development of the application, while the second phase refined the system to increase flexibility, automate more of the workflow and navigate persistent supply chain challenges.

Phase 1 - Using a Node.JS and Nest.JS framework, we developed a streamlined, flexible application that enabled the Vatos Drywall team to efficiently view, track, and manage individual projects and overall company performance from both the job site and the office. This application would serve as the foundation for further updates in phase 2.

Phase 2 - Phase 2 was focused on building on the foundational technology developed in Phase 1 to create a more flexible, mature, and scalable system. This stage included adding autonomy for admins through custom system CRUDS, revamping purchase order capabilities, integrating SupplyPro, and developing a new data model that automated the loading of material order information.

New leadership? No problem!

Partway through phase 1 of our collaboration, Vatos was bought by National contractor Paul Johnson Drywall. Paul Johnson’s leadership was thrilled with the early results from Phase 1 and wanted to see the project through to the end. Our agile approach allowed the new leadership team to make some minor scope adjustments to accommodate their business model, wrap up phase 1 and move on to integrating across departments.

Key App Features & Capabilities

  • Automated Scheduling and Purchase Orders
  • Email Automation for Real-Time Updates
  • Multiple 3rd Party Integrations
  • SupplyPro
  • Sage

Closing Remarks

Drastic Reduction in Human Error - One of Vatos Drywall’s main issues with their old system was its flexibility. A lack of forcibility frequently led to costly human errors with scheduling and material orders. By automating key processes, Concepta made these errors virtually impossible to repeat.

Automation of Routine Processes - By automating key processes and integrating directly with 3rd party software, Concepta’s custom data model does more than just remove human error from the equation: it also speeds up a variety of routine administrative tasks and saves ~40 hours of labor per week

Increased Scalability - In Florida’s competitive construction industry, scaling up a drywall contracting business is no easy feat. With a project management system based on spreadsheets, it’s almost impossible. Our responsive web application puts the ability to grow right at Vatos’s fingertips.  

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"Fantastic! Fantastic! I can't stress that enough. It's been super smooth, super transparent, super communicative. I've rarely had experiences like this where there is this clean."

Daniel Delgado, Business Systems Manager - FL

"Cut admin order processing time down just a couple of hours. It used to take 2-3 weeks per job. Automated job creation which cut 5-10 minutes per job which adds up quickly to about 40 hours a week."

Michelle Blevins, CIO | SVP of Business Systems Paul Johnson  


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