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An unparalleled fan experience fueled by direct access to fan insights and a data driven, personalized marketing experience.

Warner Music
Web App & API Development
Led Wristband
Creating interactive concert experiences.
Interactive app, with unique integration and data insights.
Revamped live concert interaction and engagement.

Key Results

Having been chosen by Warner Music to create the Hunter Hayes official app, we couldn’t resist blending technology categories, just like the award-winning artist’s music crosses musical genres.

  • Data-driven insights from over million concert attendees
  • Enhanced concert engagement with LED wristbands
  • Innovative crowd-sourced video integration
  • Cross-platform app functionality for iOS and Android

Project Overview

We were excited about integrating new technologies like LED wristbands and crowd-sourced videos into an app that enhances the experience of being at a live music concert. We blended these features into our app to allow Hunter Hayes fans the ability to connect with the artist, integrate with their LED wristband, and get access to exclusive content from Hunter himself! This gave the fans a personalized experience and for the first time ever, allowed Warner Music direct access to concert attendees for personalized marketing and fan insights like never before.

Our Approach

Concepta had a vision of how we could make a Hunter Hayes concert a truly interactive and memorable experience for fans. We wanted to personalize the experience too. Our purpose-built app allowed fans to input information such as their favorite colors, and during the show this data transformed into the app-integrated wristbands coming alive in a unique way for the user. Our API team worked with 3rd party teams to integrate the wristbands into our app’s functionality in record time. Using a hybrid app approach, we were able to quickly create a native app experience for both iOS and Android with a single code base.

Closing Remarks

Watching as a sea of LED wristbands react to various parts of the young performer’s concert, from commands from Hayes himself to the proximity of high-tech beach balls bouncing through the crowd, is a sight to behold. This project delivered not only a new level of interactivity at live performances but also opened avenues for personalized marketing and deeper fan connection, setting a new standard in the fusion of technology and live entertainment.

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