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December 3, 2020
How Anago’s Mobile Sales Platform Boosts Efficiency

Anago is a company on the rise. The well-respected commercial cleaning services company consistently ranks among INC magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.

They service the hospitality industry, medical offices, retail locations, religious centers, and even handle event cleanup.

The company is also one of the most prominent franchisors in the country, appearing 68th on’s Franchise 500 List.

Anago branches have opened throughout the United States as well as internationally.

With success, though, came some scaling challenges that made sales and data transparency a hassle.

Systemic Bottlenecks and Opaque Data

Anago suffered from a long sales cycle. Because they serve such a wide range of customer types, they can’t base quotes on square footage and tasks required.

An in-person visit is required where a sales representative meets with a site manager to walk through the location.

After the walk-through the representative would collect information from the site manager, then return to the office and build a quote.

This involved a great deal of back and forth communication to sort out inaccurate information and debate services. The quote was then emailed to the prospective client.

If the client accepted, there was another in-person visit or complex email exchange to get the contract signed.

The system had a lot of flaws. Anago had a hard time communicating quickly with clients, and it was too easy for human error to drag down the quote process.

Tracking data like closing ratios took up a lot of labor hours without satisfactory results.

Also, every layer of complication created another place for prospects to call out of the sales cycle.

Anago needed a more effective process.

Shifting Forms to The Field

As a company known for incorporating advanced methods into their cleaning style, it’s no surprise that Anago wanted a technology-based solution.

They partnered with Concepta to build a management system that connects the office with their sales team in the field.

Representatives can now build quotes in the field, search and generate reports, add notes and further information to proposals, and update existing clients who are interested in additional services.

Prospective clients get their quote immediately, and if it’s agreeable they can sign and submit the contract via iPad.

To address the need for data transparency, Concepta designed the system to integrate with Anago’s CRM and customer apps.

Clients can send instant messages to their sales rep or the office. If there’s an issue, either party can upload pictures to make sure everyone is on the same page.

A Future-Focused Solution

Using the new system closes many of the gaps where clients dropped out of the sales cycle.

50% of proposals are now done through the field app, freeing agents from multiple trips back to the office.

The improved customer experience is winning over clients, who appreciate better communication and faster responses from their sales contact.

Anago’s franchise program benefits, as well. The new high-tech process holds major appeal for future franchise owners, and the company’s value has risen accordingly.

Overall, it’s a system that will keep generating ROI through increased efficiency and higher franchise sales for years to come.

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For Anago, Concepta created a solution to support all those three goals.

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