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Value your time and bandwidth by leveraging Concepta’s expertise as your technology partner.
Managed Projects

Managed Projects

End-to-end project management with expert technical leadership, covering the entire lifecycle from planning to deployment.
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Project Management from Planning to Deployment, Guided by Expert Technical Leadership

Web & Mobile Apps
Build your unique application, lead with confidence. Gain peace of mind and time to focus on your core business and market leadership.
New Product Development
Launch products that achieve your business goals. We help you with strategy, planning, and technical decisions.
Legacy and Application Modernization
Revamp your legacy systems. Trust our expertise for a seamless modernization and migration journey.
Project Recoveries
Get your stalled projects back on track. Ensure timely delivery, cost-efficiency and optimized software performance.
Team Augmentation

Exceptional Team On-Demand

Efficiently build your tailored, expert team on-demand, ensuring rapid deployment and precise skill matching.
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Ensuring Rapid Deployment and Precise Skill Matching for Seamless Execution

Elite Team Accelerator
Rapidly assemble a highly qualified team, expediting your project and achieving development goals efficiently.
Highly Skilled Talent
Highly qualified vetted and tested experts, help you deliver unparalleled quality and proficiency.
Onboarding Support
Facilitate smooth talent onboarding to maintain steady workflow and ensure uninterrupted project progression.
Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting

Leverage our expertise to make informed decisions, optimize your technical roadmap and accelerate your digital transformation.
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Guiding You Towards Achieving Your Technology Goals and Optimizing Performance

Precision Tech Consulting
Partner with our expert team for strategic guidance. From planning to engineering, including architecture and design, technology selection, and performance optimization.
Dev Team Support
Supporting your team in making informed decisions, thorough code reviews, choosing the right tech stack, and optimizing development processes.
Web & Mobile Solutions

Efficient Solutions

Drive immediate impact while equipping teams for sustainable growth with robust, enterprise applications.
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Enterprise Solutions for Advanced Business Challenges

Design Systems, SDKs & Customer Portals
Build scalable, reusable UI components, empower developers with ready-made tools, and delight users with intuitive self-service portals.
Field Operations
Optimize mobile workflows, capture real-time data, and equip your teams with powerful mobile tools for enhanced productivity.
Asset Management
Implement robust asset management platforms, ensure real-time visibility, and streamline maintenance processes.
Workflow automation
Automate repetitive tasks using powerful workflows, eliminate manual effort, reduce human-error and boost team productivity.
Billing & Payments
Integrate secure payment gateways, enable diverse payment methods, and streamline financial management.
Scalable SaaS
Design, develop, and deploy custom SaaS solutions, benefit from cloud-based infrastructure, and achieve agile business growth.

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