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Led by a Flutter Google Developer Expert, our skilled team delivers superior solutions. With a deep understanding of the Flutter ecosystem, strong community ties, and proven client success, we set high industry standards. Trust our unmatched expertise and innovation to drive your project's digital success.

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Our Expertise

Our open-source Flutter projects have helped countless developers across renowned companies

Passionately Crafting Beautiful, Efficient Tools for a Thriving Flutter Development Ecosystem

FVM - Flutter version management across projects and CI/CD pipelines.

MIX - An expressive way to effortlessly build design systems in Flutter.

Sidekick - A simple app to make Flutter development even more delightful.

Rockets - Toolkit for enterprise projects that share domain across web, mobile, server and desktop.

Want to boost development speed without compromising on your vision? Our Flutter experts can help.

As your development partners, everything we do at Concepta is in service of a single goal: efficiently delivering purpose-built technology solutions that help your business move forward.  

Working closely with your team, we create actionable, high-ROI strategies based on your vision, requirements, budget, timeline, and overall goals. From there, we develop in agile sprints, keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.  

Though no two projects are ever the same, the level of trust, transparency, and technical expertise we bring to the table has remained consistent for 16+ years.

Learn more about our core capabilities

Cross-Platform App Development - Need to build one application for multiple operating systems? Our Flutter development team has got you covered.

Hybrid App Development - Use Flutter tools to develop applications that offer the benefits of web and mobile within one cost-effective solution.

Flutter Maintenance & Support - We view each collaboration as a partnership and continue providing expert assistance months after launch.

Flutter App Migration - Migrate existing applications to the Flutter framework without bloating your tech budget or disrupting key business operations.  

Speedy MVP Development - Take advantage of Flutter’s development speed and cross-platform integrations to quickly develop Minimum Viable Products.

Open Source Flutter Tools - Developing your own application? Our collection of open-source Flutter tools can help. Click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Flutter application development cost?
The cost of Flutter app development is dependent on the complexity of the app, the desired features, the project timeline, and several other factors. At Concepta, we strive to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining a high standard of work.

Which programming language does Flutter use?
Flutter applications are developed with the DART programming language, which is relatively easy to learn and deploy.

What’s the difference between Flutter and React Native?
Flutter and React Native are both open-source mobile application frameworks but they use different programming languages (DART/JavaScript) and have different advantages. You can learn more about React Native here.

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