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Thanks to a large online community, a wide assortment of readily available development tools, and reusable code, React Native is firmly entrenched as one of the best open-source mobile application frameworks on the planet.

Using the JavaScript programming language, React Native supports blazing-fast performance and speed, live reloads, rapid multi-platform development, and a host of other useful features and capabilities.

At Concepta, we help our partners tap into these benefits without breaking the bank. Ready to discover what we can do for you?


Core Capabilities

Custom React Native App Development

Widget Development

Strategic Consultations

Prototyping and Wireframes

React Native Migration

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

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Speedy, Agile React Native Development

When you choose Concepta as your React Native App Development Company, we are solely focused on achieving the goal of delivering efficient, customized technology solutions that propel your business forward.

Through extensive collaboration with your team, we develop strategies that align tightly with your budget, timeline and other objectives. Our experienced developers employ an agile sprinting methodology to ensure maximum functionalities are determined and achieved in minimal turnarounds.

Thanks to our decade of experience coupled with our trustworthiness and transparency, you can trust that your unique vision is in good hands. Speak to us today to get started!

Learn more about our core capabilities

Custom React Native App Development - Take advantage of React Native’s powerful open-source development tools with custom end-to-end app development.

Prototyping and Wireframes - Having trouble evaluating the feasibility of an idea? Concepta’s professional-grade prototypes and wireframes can help.

Widget Development - Leverage the full capabilities of the open-source React Native framework and develop custom widgets for your application.

React Native Migration - Migrating existing applications to React Native doesn’t need to be complicated - get expert assistance from Concepta today.

Strategic Consultations - Create a roadmap for success to ensure that your React Native app development is consistent with your long-term business objectives

Ongoing Maintenance and Support - As your development partners, we’ll provide post-launch maintenance and ongoing troubleshooting for as long as you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can React Native be used for both web and mobile applications?

Yes. On top of that, React Native applications can be consolidated into a single codebase using React Native Web. This will eliminate the need to manage two separate codebases without sacrificing app performance or UI.

How long does it take to build a React Native App?

The specific timeline for developing a React Native application from scratch depends on the complexity and desired functionality. React Native is a JavaScript library that enables developers to quickly build apps that closely resemble native iOS and Android apps in terms of appearance, feel, and performance.

What’s the difference between React Native and Flutter?

React Native and Flutter are both open-source mobile application frameworks but they use different programming languages (JavaScript/DART) and have different advantages. You can learn more about React here.

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