August 17, 2023
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Announcing our Partnership to Expand Telemedicine Platform - Mend

Concepta And Mend Partner on App Development Project to Help Providers More Easily Engage With Patients.
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We have announced that it we will begin working with locally-based national telehealth startup Mend to develop an application for medical providers. Created for iOS and Android devices, the platform will allow Mend providers to more easily engage with patients by using existing features available from Mend’s technologies through a mobile medium. Concepta is currently in the development phase of production.  


These two tech leaders working together collaboratively speaks to the robust technology ecosystem in Central Florida and the incredible potential for innovation when partnerships like this emerge.  


“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Concepta on the development of a mobile app for providers. Mend was founded to help people lead happier and healthier lives. By making it easier for doctors to use handheld technology to communicate with their patients, we can advance our goal of helping healthcare organizations care for more patients,” said Mend CEO and Co-Founder Matt McBride.  


The Mend platform, which currently services 17,000 medical providers and 3 million patients, already offers several easy-to-use options for patients, including:  


  • A web-based solution for small and enterprise providers that enables them to manage, engage and communicate with their patients using various features that reduce overhead by simplifying self-scheduling, intake documentation and billing..  
  • A mobile app created specifically for patients, allowing them to connect with providers via virtual visits.  
  • A patented A.I. patient attendance predictor with automated patient engagement for virtual and in-person visits that helps reduce no-shows and late cancels to increase efficiencies  


Concepta’s mobile app development services aim to expand Mend’s capabilities and establish it as a comprehensive telehealth provider by offering the following features:  


  • Quick, secure and straightforward methods for providers to initiate HIPAA-compliant ad-hoc virtual visits with their patients through. Mend's existing video web-based technology.  
  • Ability to connect with patients quickly and efficiently using a “Dialer” feature, which also notifies providers of critical updates, therefore reducing the amount of wasted, non-reimbursable time.  
  • Increasing monetization features through a “Patient Waiting Room” that leverages Mend’s existing enhanced virtual waiting room experience, which will occur during the patient’s pre-call check test.  



About Mend: Mend is a simple, secure, integrated telehealth and patient engagement solution that is designed to help healthcare organizations care for more patients. Founded in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing healthcare delivery, Mend harnesses the power of telemedicine, A.I. reminders, digital forms, and more to make it easier for patients and providers to communicate. With a deep understanding of how the modern medical practice functions, Mend has developed a comprehensive platform that virtually connects patients and providers through messaging, video, and other digital features. Based in Orlando, the health technology startup supports 17,000 providers across all 50 states. With about 300,000 virtual health visits per month, Mend --  the number one customer-rated patient engagement and telemedicine platform - has connected 3 million patient appointments and facilitated more than 10 million answers to patient questions through a digital form.  

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