October 30, 2023
App Development
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Innovating the Liquor Market Through App Development

Wine and Spirits from your Favorite Celebrities Delivered by GrapeStars App.
Mobile screens of Grapestars e-commerce liquor app built by Concepta.
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Times Square lit up with the launch of GrapeStars, a co-creation between serial entrepreneurs Jean-Jean Pelletier, Robert Pelletier and Stephan Fortier with Orlando-based mobile app development firm Concepta Inc.  

The first-of-its-kind app that allows celebrities to promote and sell their liquor brands direct-to-consumer in 45 states through a “one-stop-shop” app supported by an extensive network of retailers.

Influential players such as Kevin Harrigton, original shark of Shark Tank, and beloved country singer and Código 1530 tequila investor, George Strait are convinced about the success of this leading-edge venture.

An innovative space for customers and fans to buy celebrity endorsed liquor brands online and have the shipped straight to their doorstep.

There are more than 200 brands from major celebrities including Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, George Strait, Roberto Cavalli, Robert De Niro, John Legend, Jude Law, Snoop Dog and many more.

The revolutionary app provides users a highly engaging experience, apart from finding a plethora of high-quality brands, fans can access latest news and exclusive content from their favored brands.  

In the near future the portal will grow from marketplace to social network. New cutting-edge features will allow customers interact with the app using augmented reality and artificial intelligence, not to mention that it will include a virtual sommelier to help users make personalized choices, and livestream content from celebrities.

Digital leverage is creating enormous opportunities for new marketplaces and businesses. Liquor sales, for instance, are up 400% according to Kevin Harrington, GrapeStars new Chairman and Investor.

GrapeStars Mobile App Development

State-of-the-art technology has been applied to make all this possible.

The co-founders of the platform had huge technological challenges, interviewed a multitude of firms and only felt comfortable dealing with Concepta to create their new venture.

Concepta arose as THE mobile app solution to GrapeStars to help them create a highly complex e-commerce and mobile platform.  

"Their ability to efficiently get to the core of the problem stood out."

GrapeStars Co-founder Stephan Fortier, about partnering with Concepta.

The projects biggest challenge was to conceive a platform that would allow hundreds of retailers across the country to display an array of products and be compliant with US and States liquor laws. Moreover, several third-party partners were integrated, such as Stripe, Ship Engine, Intercom, Narvar, Sygnifyd and others.

Thanks to a leading-edge app development, consumers can now have an innovative experience thought the app, buy seamlessly from most celebrity endorsed brands and have the products delivered at the comfort of their home.

Download GrapeStars for IOS and Android, now delivering in 45 states across USA.

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