July 10, 2023
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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Mobile App Development

Here are five reasons why outsourcing your mobile app development team can be advantageous for your enterprise.
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While companies are increasingly adapting to the changing trends of mobile-only and mobile-first strategies, maintaining an in-house mobile app development team as opposed to outsourcing it from specialized services providers is still arguably a debatable topic, and for good reason.
The benefits of gaining control over a project with can come with several adverse expenses, including tens of thousands or even millions of dollars for a single app.
While having an in-house development team does involve fewer monetary risks, there are several benefits for outsourcing your mobile app to a specialized managed service provider or MSP.
Here are five reasons why outsourcing your mobile app development team can be advantageous for your enterprise.

1. Saves on Cost

The costs associated with developing a mobile app in-house can start to add up when you consider the salaries of mobile developers, the length of the project, the platforms used and the maintenance costs.
In fact,  associated with an in-house mobile app development team, ranging from $60,000 to $150,000 a year, as of 2016. Costs can also often grow exponentially as viable apps are rarely developed and maintained by a single developer.
When your aim is to be profitable and keep costs low to ensure large gains, spending upwards to millions on an in-house mobile development app team may not be in the budget.
However, by outsourcing your mobile app team, you can save on several labor-related costs -- such as the expense of insurance, overtime, training and raises -- since your company won't be responsible for providing them.
You could also save as much as and other IT expenses since they would be handled by the MSP.

2. Improves Budgeting

Many enterprises are shocked at the true exponential costs when they attempt to tackle mobile app development in-house.
Forrester Research even suggests that companies should expect to set budgets higher than anticipated to account for the over the course of two years.
However, an outsourced team offers the advantage of cost predictability by giving you a set recurring fees you can expect based on your agreed upon time frame for project completion.
This means that your company can better manage its budget for mobile app development and better allocate funds to other projects while reducing costs by avoiding unexpected expenses.

3. Takes Advantage of Unique Expertise

Outsourcing your mobile app development gives your company access to a slew of experts with a wide range of programming and design skills. You can also take advantage of their years of experience in order to figure out what approaches are best for solving issues and creating solutions for better app development. Moreover, these experts will be up to date on new methods and innovative practices so that they can create a robust app to meet your needs.

4. Saves Time

The agility an outsourced team can bring means that your enterprise can save time on bringing an app to market. Moreover, you can buy time for developing an in-house team by.

5. Optimizes Support

The support an outsourced MSP provides comes with the benefit of continuous improvement.
Your enterprise not only has a team ready to make sure your app is working and staying updated, but can also take advantage of having a support team on duty to assist with any concerns or issues that arise, including security concerns and debugging code.

Final Thoughts

Benefitting from an MSP's expertise, cost savings and agile services to improve operations and app deployment is achievable. Have a strategy in place when selecting an outsourced team, and collaborate with experts who meet and understand your needs, including your timeline and budget.

If you're based in Orlando, Florida and looking to outsource your mobile app development, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the benefits of working with a managed service provider (MSP) who can offer expertise, cost savings, and agile services to improve your app deployment. Collaborate with experts who understand your needs, timeline, and budget. With the right approach, outsourcing your mobile app development can be a smart and effective way to achieve your business goals.

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