April 13, 2023
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Building a Unified UI World with Expert Flutter App Development

Join CEO Leo Farias at the online Flutter Global Summit '23 this February to discover how Concepta is contributing to the future of unified UI.
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Join CEO Leo Farias at the online Flutter Global Summit '23 this February to discover how Concepta is contributing to the future of unified UI.

Since its initial release in 2017, the open-source Flutter SDK has skyrocketed in popularity and it’s not hard to see why: the speedy development cycle and enhanced portability make Flutter useful for quickly developing cross-platform mobile apps and scalable web applications, as well as testing out new ideas with cost-effective Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and prototypes. At the cornerstone of all this is the ability to use Flutter’s ready-made widgets to create a beautiful, unified cross-platform UI (user interface).  

multiple devices to represent a development unified world

In a world where user-facing software applications have moved beyond computers and mobile phones to power everything from vehicle consoles and medical devices to smartwatches and other wearable technology, unified cross-platform UI is only going to become more important to our daily lives. Flutter’s ability to build apps for any screen using a single, relatively user-friendly codebase makes it well-suited to be the definitive visual language for sharing design consistency, individual components, and other UI functionalities across platforms.

Since Flutter was created by Google (and is actually used by many of the company’s leading tools and technologies), bug fixes and support are readily available. On top of that, there’s a robust online community of expert Flutter developers that can help troubleshoot projects.  

With that said, expert Flutter app development does not occur in a vacuum, and transitioning to a unified UI world presents no shortage of challenges. Are these Flutter apps scalable? Will they be easy (and cost-effective) to maintain? Does Flutter have a steep learning curve?

Early next month, Concepta founder and CEO Leo Farias will be joining other expert Flutter developers at the Flutter Global Summit '23. The 2-day online event features over 16 hours of in-depth tech presentations from some of the world’s leading Flutter specialists. The summit is hosted by Geekle, a USA-based online organization that hosts panels, workshops, and other knowledge-building sessions for the community. Sessions cover a wide range of topics, including NodeJS, React, and App Development, and are often sponsored by or presented in partnership with industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, GitHub, Oracle, and Netflix.

Building Design Systems for an Unified World

The Flutter summit is set to commence on February 7th and expects to draw over 5000 attendees and 25+ professional speakers. Leo’s session, which is focused on how Concepta is bringing our vision of a unified UI world to life, calls upon years of experience as a Flutter and Dart GDE (Google Developer Expert) to help developers build beautiful, adaptable, and consistent UI. In the 30 minutes presentation, Leo outlines how Flutter Mix uses simple primitives that are easily composable and easily understood to create engaging, visually stimulating cross-platform UI.

More broadly, Leo explains how Flutter and the unified UI world of the future fit within Concepta’s longstanding commitment to streamlined, efficient, and agile open-source development.

Ready to take steps toward the unified UI world of the future?

Join Leo at the Geekle summit on February 8th to discover how Flutter Mix can help.

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